Service info + Rec

Hi team!

We process hundreds and sometimes thousands of orders daily and place our best working, most liked and used services in the order of popularity in each category. Let's say you want IG likes, order one of the first five services in that category for fastest and best looking results. Services towards bottom of lists are less tested and less often used. This does not mean some of them are hidden gems, but we study our order data and place our most used services from feedback from users at the top. If you are opening support tickets asking us to "speed up" a service that is placed at the bottom of the list in a particular category, we are just going to rec that you use one towards the top as those are the services hundreds of our users trust for their social media marketing needs! As always we rec testing a batch of a few small orders of a service to see which one you like best then continue using the one you prefer. 

Thank you and enjoy your summer! support team