Retail Pricing and Ways To Monetize 

Our site has hundreds of users who simply use our services for their own brands and save thousands by not paying retail prices to a marketing agency. Many others use our site as apart of their business since the marketing and branding industry is very in demand and anyone using social media would benefit from using our services.

Below is a price list to get someone started in building a reselling agency using our services. First get organized with a way to accept payment then take orders and run them through our site. Many people wonder why resell is so high for agencies. Much of the reasoning for this is a support staff is required to manually check in on promos as they deliver (example: you run a 10k follower promo for a client.. you need to check back in on it days later and possibly top off the order). When starting off, do this manual work yourself then outsource as you build a team.

Below is a range of prices our users resell services for.

IG Followers: 5k ($75-200) 10-25k($300-500) 50k($600) 100k(950)

IG Like+Views Campaigns: ($150-1k Monthly)

Spotify Streams: 5-10k ($100-250) 20-30k ($400) 50-75k ($500-750)

Tiktok Followers: $25 per 1000