AUTO Services + How To Use 

Logging in each time to promote your orders as well as the orders of clients through out the day as they post can be time intensive. 

Our auto services for Instagram and Tiktok work very well. Below we will explain how to monetize this service, how to use it correctly, and how to troubleshoot any issues in the future. 

This will help users stay organized with their clients and free up time! 

Thank you for using ELITESMMSERVER.COM

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Simply put, auto services are services such as views or likes that you plan to run for an account ahead of time so you do not need to place the orders manually each new post. Once you set an account on auto, each time the user posts- they seamlessly get a flow of engagement without you needing to be present. Many resellers will set up an account on a monthly campaign and cover their engagement for the month via our server. 

We have invested in advanced technology that scans every 10 minutes for new posts. When a user that is registered on auto services posts... our server will begin to market their account and grow their numbers after the post has been posted. This allows users to manage a high volume of clientele without needing to be present for every post released.

Absolutely not, as long as you have enough funds in your balance to pay for the orders, the funds are drawn automatically from balance. If you do not have enough funds to cover the order, it will cancel.

Collect monthly reoccuring subscription fees for basic growth services such as Likes and views (stripe is popular payment processor for smma). Set up accounts on auto and monitor results from time to time. Reccomended method is to set up each account that you want on auto to get a desired range of engagement from auto services and set up a few services so the engagement trickles in gradually. REMEMBER TO SET UP VIEWS AND NOT JUST LIKES OTHERWISE YOUR REELS WILL HAVE MORE LIKES THAN VIEWS! THIS IS A TELLTALE SIGN OF A NEWBIE AGENCY USER DO NOT MAKE MISTAKE! Take care of your clients!

It is completely hands off. You enter the account username, the period for which you want coverage if the account posts, and set the engagement range to your desired numbers. Everything is customizable and automated.