Payments FAQ

This site has several thousand active users and we process hundreds and thousands of orders daily. If you are reading this and wondering "is this legit" our #1 spot on google should answer your questions as to exactly how often this site is visited and used! 

Unlike many panels, we have a full staff that updates services, adds payments manually, handles customer support, and is constantly scoping the market for cutting edge services so that our users can have the top services at their fingertips at all times! 

Card payments and cashapp are added by support team. This means whenever you pay, someone manually adds the balance to your account once you've paid. Most users will tell you that you rarely have to wait more than ten minutes to see your balance reflected. But lets say you pay at 3am when no one is awake to add funds, it will be a few hours max. No big deal! Your funds will ALWAYS be credited, we process many payments per day and they all get added in a timely manner with urgency. REMEMBER TO OPEN A SUPPORT TICKET ONCE YOU HAVE PAID TO LET US KNOW TO ADD YOUR BALANCE, IF YOU ARE NOT A COMMON USER OF OUR SITE WE WON'T RECOGNIZE THE NAME THE FIRST FEW TIMES!!!! The reason we do not allow for automatic card or cashapp adds is to combat against fraudelent transactions. As usual, safety first.

Card payments/Stripe checkout is by far the most commonly used way by users to add payments to their balance to order promotions. For those unfamiliar with Stripe, it is one of the largest and safest ecommerce processors in the world and is encrypted. We NEVER have access to your information whatsoever as the processor handles the payments.  

Crypto is processed securing by coinbase commerce. This option is AUTOMATIC. This means if you add funds via crypto the funds appear right away and you also get a bonus added automatically. If you want 0 wait time, use crypto.